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What does

Analytic Reports


A summary report in a presentable format with the most essential metrics from your finished campaigns. The report comprises of data, tables, graphs, and straightforward explanations of any technical terms.

A recommendation report on how to yield potentially better performances for future campaigns by analyzing data from the past. The detailed report comprises of analyzing current channels and the addition of any new channels if recommended by our specialists.

A debrief meeting to review all the reports together and answer any questions you may have. Our consultants ensure that you are happy with the results and have achieved your objective.

How It Works...


We compile all the data from the channels you have run campaigns on and put them into our specialised report template format. Our format aims to help you understand a vast amount of metrics efficiently and with ease.


Our specialists internally assess and analyse the compilation of data. Then, we identify areas that can be optimised and devise strategies for any future campaigns into a Recommendation Report.


Our consultants conduct a debrief meeting with you to review in detail all the reports we have provided. We also discuss the recommendation strategies and assist you in planning for your newly optimised future campaigns.  

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