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Create your company's website in minutes, understand visitors' behaviour and personalize offerings accordingly. All driven by Machine Learning. 

A product under R3A Group

Enter Business Information and Product Offerings

AI Text-to-Design Technology

Effective customised Web Design that fits your requirements

Enhance your website, One CL1CK at a time.

Product Features

Build, Analyse and Enhance

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No Code Required

Our innovative AI Text-To-Design website editor. Enter your business information and product offerings and your website is automatically designed for you.


Benefits of CL1CK

Achieve Results Swiftly

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Build Your Website with AI

Enter your business details, and our Machine Learning model will analyse your text through Semantic and Sentiment analysis. Receive a personalized website design that matches your business and with one CL1CK, instantly create multiple versions of your website.


Measure Business Performance

Gain first-hand insight into your visitor’s behaviour and preferences and know what changes to make on your website. Your website’s performance is presented in easy-to-understand visuals and receive tailored solutions to improve your website.

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Predictive Analysis machine uses past user data to predict future users’ behavior​. Benefit from our automatic AB Tests and real-time website changes and never suffer from poor design or branding again.

Continuously Improve Your Business with Predictive Analysis


Research shows that Predictive Analysis on websites increase revenue by at least 30%. Save up to an additional 67% in your annual website expenses. With our 3 key features all integrated under ONE platform, achieve your business goals with minimal worries.

Benefit from Reduced Costs and Worry Less



Your New Website, Fast and Easy

Text-To-Design Website Builder

Easy Smart Analytics

Predictive Analysis