Market Research

What does

Market Research


In-Depth SWOT analysis of your business and/or competitors. We also include an analysis of your competitors' marketing channels, to identify any opportunities to exploit.

Facebook and Instagram Audience Research; we provide all the important metrics such as size, interests, location, device users etc, about your target audience. 

We provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services such as Keyword Research and Page Tag Audits. Our marketing consultants can even brainstorm educational and transactional keywords with you and recommend how to put those into your website's HTML tags.

Our specialists can identify the most beneficial Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) for your marketing campaigns and create a presentable report with key metrics such as Follower Growth, Engagement Rate, Mentions etc.

How It Works...


Through a consultation meeting, we listen and understand your needs on what you want to know. Whether this is an internal and competitor SWOT analysis, to a Facebook Audience Research, to KOLs' metrics research, we will provide information to benefit your marketing.


Our specialized consultants formulate all the essential information you need through a presentable format for you to understand your market with ease. If necessary, we also use our trusted and tested third-party platforms to gain further information you may require (Eg, KOL research). 


After presenting our research, if you decide to take your market analysis further, our consultants can also analyze any opportunities to exploit for you to take the competitive edge, or to improve any challenges you may be facing. 

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